Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily pore cleanser

The ladies who work and have sensitive acne prone skin as well, know the struggle of trying to keeping their skin clear. Its hard to find something that isn't harsh, clear your skin without giving any harsh reaction on skin and suits your super sensitive skin too. The product me and my sister are using from last few years (we have finished almost 10 of these or more) is "Clean & Clear Deep action daily pore cleanser, Oil free..

About the product:

Clean & Clear products are always a safe choice of me as they are mild and do not cause dry or red patches on my skin, neither in summer nor winter.It comes in a blue tube with a flip cap that closes tight. The cleanser is a jelly like transparent product with blue and white finely milled particulars in it. On the back of it the detailed ingredients are mentioned, the prominent ingredients includes "Rice seed protein, Kiwi, Fruit juice, Orange and Grapefruit Juice, apple juice , sweet almond seed extracts" and many other interesting ingredients.

My Views

I have tried couple of cleansers before but after some disastrous experiences which left my skin dry and irritated, I stopped taking chances, but this cleanser has been my most favourite one since I have started using it. Its foamy, smells nice, gentle with exfoliating beads which aren't harsh and keeps  my skin clear. After coming back from work, I wash my face with Clean & Clear deep action daily pore cleanser and trust me I hardly get any pimple if I am using it daily. Its really economical and easily available. So far Clean & Clear products are my first choice for daily usage, due to being mild and economical.
What is your favourite daily cleanser?

With love, 

Monday, August 29, 2016


Liquid lipsticks were such a hit in last few year that almost everyone wanted to increase their stash from liquid lipsticks of all brands available. The real joy was when we found a local brand selling them in such a low price and top notch quality. Clazona has been known in blogger's community for its liquid lipsticks from last few years but I didn't know it as was a unknown brand to me until Sana found them in a local store near our home. She grabbed a couple to try and after being satisfied we went to grab a couple more.

About the product

Clazona liquid lipstick comes in a glass tube with the tight black cap and the applicator is the regular doe face which is found in most lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. On the bottom of the tube it is written as "LONG LASTING, Vitamin E & A & C . 2 in 1 NET: 6 g 24 hours Lip gloss". Except for that there is no information about ingredients on product, which is a little turn off if the mentioning of ingredients matters to you.

(Left to Right) 528,506,505,517
I have it in 4 shades.(Left to right)
1- 528 A warm brown shade with maroon undertones, really pretty to wear with luscious eyelashes.
2- 506 A berry kinda shade, perfect for day or night events.
3- 505 Bright red with coral undertones, perfect for spicing up the looks with pastel dresses.
4- 517 Bright pink

When applied

After drying up
Indoor light

My views

I will be honest here that I didn't expect a local brand to make such exceptionally well liquid lipstick, the formula, the pigmentation, the staying power, the consistency and the color pay of is just so good. It glides on smoothly on lips, the formula is more on creamier side instead of liquid like Color pop LLs, it dries matte completely within few secs, which also means you have to be careful and quick to apply it. It stays 5-6 hrs on me even with eating and drinking (as long the food isn't oily a lot ). Even upon reapplication it doesn't blot or becomes scaly. The thing I liked most about it is its finish,it doesn't settle in fine lines and give you a smooth beautiful finish. For the price I will say it is a pretty decent product.
1- Locally available
2- Economical i.e 150 Rs.
3- Awesome pigmentation.
4- Stays for 5- 6 hours with eating and drinking.
5- Easy to apply
6- Faint scent, almost undetectable.
1- No information of ingredients on product.
2- The writing/ design on bottle seems to come off very soon.
How many of you have this product in your bucket list, do tell us in comments below :)

With Love,