Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Colorpop Lippie Stix & Ultra Satin Lip

After the disastrous experience with Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks (I will write about it sometime soon too) we lost our faith a little on this brand. But BOY OH BOY How we were wrong :D !!!
We took advantage of Colourpop's free shipping over $50 deal and ordered a bunch of their stuff. Firstly we were not sure what to buy but after viewing their website in detail we were confused what not to buy (especially me ;p). What I love the most about this brand is they have something for EVERYONE. From Nudes to bomb Vampy shades to quick dry to Glossy lips to Glitters to matte bright shades, everyone has something to pick from. This time we went for Lippie Stix and Ultra Satin Lip.

Lippie Stix:

Our purchase included four shades:
  1. Topanga (A mid-tone dusty coral in a Satin finish)
  2. I Heart this (Red based fuchsia in a matte finish.)
  3. Poppin (Blue undertone dark pink in matte finish)
  4. Love Life (Brownish brick red in a Matte finish.

Left to Right: Topanga, I heart this, Poppin, Love Life (Outdoor)

My thoughts:
Topanga has satin finish, which is the smoothest buttery lippie stix I have used to date. Specially in winter it will be a treat for some one who has dry lips. It is opaque and stays for 4-5 hours easily without eating. Poppin and I heart this are rather similar shades (ThankGod one of them belong to me and other to Sana :p). Love life is the MOST BEAUTIFUL shade everrrrrrr, the pictures don't do justice to its beauty. Me and Sana are in mad love with this shade, it is just so beautiful for every day office wear, hang out with friends or a event. Its not too much, not too less. It has the right amount of bossiness and flirtatiousness. Apart from Topanga other three shades are matte, which aren't too dry. A lip balm underneath will keep you safe for 5-6 hours. Staying power is amazing, and it doesn't come off unevenly, doesn't settle in fine lines and doesn't make your lips flaky.

Ultra Satin Lip:

Our purchase include two shades:
  1. Calypso (mid-tone pinky nude)
  2. Lyin King (saturated raspberry)
Left to Right: Topanga, Lyin King



My thoughts:
The packaging is same as of their Liquid Lipsticks with doe applicator. Let me tell you guys I am head over heels with this formula. Its not gloss, its not lipstick, it is something in between which spreads like butter on lips and feel like a dream too. I am not even exaggerating, i am SO MUCH in love with the formula, its unreal. Calypso is a perfect office wear shade, it was part of their fall edition. Lyin King is a daring bright raspberry shade with cool undertones, which is perfect for cold winter night events. The pigmentation is intense and opaque on single application. It does not bleed but it tends to transfer (you will be leaving gorgeous lipstick stains on your coffee/tea mugs :p) which is only draw back. Still I love this product.

Overall Experience:
Overall it was my most favorite haul to date. I loved everything. Colourpop is literally killing it with their economical prices and wide range of shades. 

Price and Availability:
Lippie Stix $5 each
Ultra Satin Lip $6 each 
We bought it from their website but many face book pages have it in stock. But honestly they are selling it so expensive, i will suggest you to wait for their free shipping offer and purchase directly from their site.

Do tell us your views about Colour pop products in comments below, and don't forget to take part in the ongoing giveaway on our face book.

With Love,

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Artiste Palettes Featuring The Pout Painters.

Gone are the days when we had to pump our foundation on back of our hand girls...

The biggest problem for a make-up lover has always been getting the right shade, either it is lipstick or foundation. For that we all have messed up our hands, scooped out portions from different jars, a little bit of that a little bit of that, light and dark and WHAT NOT!
This might take us where we wanna be in terms of shade and consistency but at the cost of loss of product, messy hands and the biggest of all, allowing cultures of bacteria to settle and reproduce inside.
A while back, our fellow bloggers The Pout Painters introduced Artiste palettes to save us from all the hustle and TRUST me ladies it's a MUST HAVE!

No more wastage, bacteria or product everywhere.
It's not only economical but a huge advantage for all the hygiene maniacs out there.
As mentioned by them on their face book page the palettes are made up of light weight stainless steel which is rust proof. The backside is coated in a sheer polish. These are available in smaller palettes i.e oval, square and a bigger paint palette. Separate spatulas can also be ordered which are also of the same material, one side of which is kind of pointed and other side is squared.

All you gotta do is scoop the product out with the spatula and mix it or place it on palette. I mainly loved it because I will not have to pour foundation again and again from the jar and I can pump it or scoop it once and can apply on whole face in a single go, without any fear of drying product on face before blending. 
The palettes were in their respective velvet pouches which makes the keeping of palettes easy. You guys I have been LITERALLY waiting for someone to work their Brain and get this out in the open. Now when I see global You Tubers pouring their foundation on back of their hands I chuckle a little for they don't have our Pout Painter Sadaf and Fizzah :D

You can order it from their face book account The Pout Painters. The small palettes are for 600/- Rs each and bigger one is for 1000/- Rs.

With Love,