Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Artiste Palettes Featuring The Pout Painters.

Gone are the days when we had to pump our foundation on back of our hand girls...

The biggest problem for a make-up lover has always been getting the right shade, either it is lipstick or foundation. For that we all have messed up our hands, scooped out portions from different jars, a little bit of that a little bit of that, light and dark and WHAT NOT!
This might take us where we wanna be in terms of shade and consistency but at the cost of loss of product, messy hands and the biggest of all, allowing cultures of bacteria to settle and reproduce inside.
A while back, our fellow bloggers The Pout Painters introduced Artiste palettes to save us from all the hustle and TRUST me ladies it's a MUST HAVE!

No more wastage, bacteria or product everywhere.
It's not only economical but a huge advantage for all the hygiene maniacs out there.
As mentioned by them on their face book page the palettes are made up of light weight stainless steel which is rust proof. The backside is coated in a sheer polish. These are available in smaller palettes i.e oval, square and a bigger paint palette. Separate spatulas can also be ordered which are also of the same material, one side of which is kind of pointed and other side is squared.

All you gotta do is scoop the product out with the spatula and mix it or place it on palette. I mainly loved it because I will not have to pour foundation again and again from the jar and I can pump it or scoop it once and can apply on whole face in a single go, without any fear of drying product on face before blending. 
The palettes were in their respective velvet pouches which makes the keeping of palettes easy. You guys I have been LITERALLY waiting for someone to work their Brain and get this out in the open. Now when I see global You Tubers pouring their foundation on back of their hands I chuckle a little for they don't have our Pout Painter Sadaf and Fizzah :D

You can order it from their face book account The Pout Painters. The small palettes are for 600/- Rs each and bigger one is for 1000/- Rs.

With Love,