Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Flormar Illuminating Primer Makeup Base

Hello Ladies! How are you all doing? When I first got Flormar Illuminating Primer I wasn't really sure that if it will work out for me as I had never heard of anyone using it before. But after using it for quite few months, I finally have something to say on this product.

Flormar is one the brands which are easily available in Pakistan and is considered to be very economical too. I am fan of their nail polishes since the day I first bought one. Primer was something new for me from the brand, and I am glad I took the chance.

As on their site:

"It creates a powdery and mat effect on the skin with its soft texture. As a smooth skin can be achieved by covering the thin lines using primer makeup base, the acacia and green tea in the formula supports the elasticity of the skin. Prepares the skin for the makeup giving it a smooth look, moisturizes the skin all day and prevents it from drying"


Flormar Illuminating Primer comes in a plastic bottle with black cap and has pump dispenser.

My thoughts:

They claim it to be powdery and matte yet illuminating, tricky right? When I first used it I wasn't so impressed or you can say I couldn't really tell how effective it was as I wore it for few hours only. Recently I started wearing it to work and that is when it clicked me that what a gem it is. It comes out white but sinks into skin transparent, the formula is more on liquid side instead of creamy. The smell is a little strong initially but it becomes fade within seconds. Flormar Illuminating Primer feels cool on skin too, probably it is the green tea effect. Although they claim that it cover thin lines but I haven't felt same way that it fills up fine lines, mainly because it is not a silicone based primer.
When applied to the skin it gives a pretty fresh luminous glow, even after applying foundation my skin felt fresh and luminous and the luminosity lasts through out the day. In terms of holding the makeup on skin it is a quite decent product, my nose tends to get oily during day so it wasn't really helpful in it, but on overall face, it does pretty decent job. Unlike some primers, it doesn't balls up foundation.
I would definitely recommend it if you are trying to find some primer from your local stores, it is almost available on all big stores. I got it from Best Buy Store in Cavalry Ground.

Flormar Illuminating Primer Makeup Base cost below PKR 1000/-


  • Economical.
  • Easy available.
  • Give skin luminosity and glow without looking greasy and tacky.
  • Last for good 8-9 hours.
  • Travel friendly,
  • Pump dispenser hence more hygienic.
  • Contain green tea as key ingredient.
  • Smells may irritate few people.
  • May not work for oily skin types.
Do you use primer on daily basis, or only on special events? Please tell us in comments.

With Love,