Eyeliner has been in my "makeup essentials"list from more than 8 to 9 years. I feel like a sad baby panda who has lost his beautiful round marks around eyes, without an eyeliner.  I started with drugstore liquid liners first and then I came across Maybelline Gel liner. After it there was no turning back from my love for gel liners. Although  I am pretty satisfied with Maybelline Gel Liner but you do need to try different things from time to time. After reading good reviews and seeing many makeup artists using it, I also decided to get Motives renowned Little Black Dress Gel liner.

It comes in a plastic jar packaging with a tight lid, which keeps the jar air tight so it doesn't dry up, On the back of the jar it's weight and quantity has been mentioned which is "Net wt 0.7 oz and 5 g"

Motives website defines their Gel liner formula as:
A unique, mineral-based formulation that allows the precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel-based formula. The eyeliner glides on smoothly and precisely, then quickly dries down to a silky soft finish.

My Experience:

The formula of  the liner is undoubtedly very creamy and smooth. It glides on eyelids without any effort or bumps. I just swipe my eyeliner brush once to get the required amount of liner. As it is blackest black, it doesn't require retouching. It dries up quickly like a magic, within seconds. So if you are worried while applying liner that it will crease your eyelid or smudge, you are safe with Motives LBD Gel liner :).

Left to Right:
 First picture: Application.
Second picture: Lightly Smudged.
Third picture: Rigorously Smudged.

Me and Sana have different skin types so you will get reviews of two skin types (isn't that great?;p). Sana has dry eyelids so this liner stays on her longer than mine, even on touching it didn't smudge or rubs off. But I have oily eyelids so I have to do some effort in this regard. When I applied it for first time, it didn't last long on my eyelids. I usually don't apply eye primer daily, so I applied it at 7 am without primer and by 11 am it started to smudge and left me with creased eyelids, But second time I applied eye primer and it stayed for a whole day, even on my eyelids (oily eyelids).

I really loved the creamy formula of Motive LBD gel liner, and it is also has matte finish. The pigmentation is really rich, as you can see in swatches too. Regardless that it transfers on my eyelids without precautions, I really loved this liner and I will definitely purchase it again.

1: Smooth application of creamy formula
2: Dries up quickly
3: Comes with plastic air tight jar, which reduces the breakage and drying up chances.

1: Does not come with brush.
2: Dries up quickly so you need to be cautious while applying it.
3: Is not available in Pakistan on local stores.


Motives cosmetics are not available locally but you can purchase them easily from face book pages. I got mine from Sarah Arsalan in Rs 2000/-. She has variety of Motives cosmetics on her page, highly recommended. 

My Rating: 4/5

With Love,

P.S: I will highly recommend you guys to use makeup remover or any mild moisturizer to remove eyeliners, rubbing it will damage your eye tissues. :)