Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Introduction :)

Hello dolls :)
We wanted to introduce ourselves a little to our beasties out there first,before starting a formal blog. Because we believe that a little knowledge about the person who is behind a piece of a written paper or a well structured article is really important, to build the connection between the reader and writer.

Firstly the name of the blog, Makeup Beasties. Trust me, we aren't real beast or big creatures behind this,beasties here according to Urban Dictionary means the person who are good enough for a certain thing, and we believe so we are certainly good enough to be great friends and have a reasonable sense of fashion and makeup, with an urge to learn even more.

By profession we are Accountants who live in most lively and colorful city of Pakistan, Lahore. We both are in our early twenties. We are by no mean Makeup Guru's or Professionals of any sort. We are just two girls who have a real thing for makeup. A REAL THING. We started by sharing our personal preferences and choices with each other and finally realizing that we need to share our love for beauty with you guys too and take this to whole new level.  As they say, :
The more you share, the more you learn.
Makeup to us is like a fairy dust which out sparks your natural-selves. Because frankly whether you go with tons of makeup or just a little pinch or touch of it, you will always be the happy-go-lucky girl inside and out. How much you are comfortable in your skin and by your choices is what matters the most, no matter what shade of lip gloss you are wearing or which eye shadow pops up your eye color.

In this blog we will be sharing reviews about products we have tested on ourselves and have appreciated or criticized, along with swatches, beauty hauls and D.I.Y's.

Like,Share,Comment and Love.
And always lets us know what"is on your mind, what is IN, what we are missing, what we need to know :)


Love: Maria & Sana.