Thursday, December 3, 2015

BH Cosmetics 6 Color Palette Contour & Blush

Contouring which was once makeup artist’s secret, is the most famous makeup vogue in the recent years. Almost every brand on spectrum is launching their Contour palette, to help carve the face through makeup, including the brand which is known for its wide range of eye shadows, brushes and economical products. BH Cosmetics is an online brand which ships worldwide and in recent years they’ve broadened their selection and are keeping themselves up to date with every new world’s makeup trend. BH cosmetics have two 6 pans Contour & Blush palettes that works for many skin tones. All of the colors are matte with no metallic shine, or shimmer. The palette I will be reviewing today is number 1 of their collection which has some great highlighting shades, a dark contour color and two dark pink-toned blushes with a highlighter also. Palette 2 has darker shades with salmon blushes and is not suitable for Asian skin tones. 

Product Description

Product has been described on BH Cosmetics site as:

Get the must-have palette in every makeup artist’s kit. This easy to use face palette works for every skin tone. Six universally versatile matte shades in both warm and cool tones that can be used to contour, highlight, set and blush with a pop of colour.

Features & Benefits

  • ·         Easy to use.
  • ·         Clinically Tested.
  • ·         Non-irritating.
  • ·         Allergy Tested.
The product comes in a black matte card cover and the palette is also made of black matte plastic, which isn’t flimsy or gives cheap feeling. The size of palette is nice to keep inside a drawer but definitely something which you can carry in bag. On the back you’ll find all of the information that is normally on the box or website including the description of the product, ingredients and directions for use which can be handy if you are using palette for the first time. The amount of product you get in these pans in tremendous, each pan is about two inches across.

Front side

Back Side

My Thoughts

For starters, in this value, the palette is quite decent. The pigmentation is intense, especially when it comes to the blush and contour colours. The powders are a bit powdery, I dab my brush lightly on the pan to pick up the colour, because the colours are really pigmented and you may want to tap off the excess from the brush before applying to the face. The blush shade on the bottom right is my choice most of the time when I use this palette. I use the white highlighter powder under my eyes, it really gives the awakening effect to the eyes. The skin powder on the top row can be used as compact powder and I use the one on the bottom left to dab on my face when I feel a little pale after applying foundation. And it stays for 7-8 hours on my skin in summers and doesn’t rub off if I accidently touch my face. I often get asked by friends and colleagues that what blush you are using, why it hasn’t disappeared yet after so many hours.


Arm Swatches

Top Row

Bottom Row

However, I will recommend these palettes to the people with medium to dark skin tones because of the depth of the colours and the pigmentation. For someone like me who has a light to medium tone, this works as long as I keep light hand. This is an ideal starter for the new comers in the contouring and highlighting world of makeup.


  • ·         Not so pricey
  • ·         Can be obtained online, as BH cosmetic ships worldwide.
  • ·         Matte shades with no fall out on the pan.
  • ·         Stays for 7-8 hours.

  • ·         A little intense, you need to be cautious about the amount on the brush before applying
  • ·         Contour and Blush colours could be a little lighter.
  • ·         The palette is thin but large so doesn’t make it travel friendly.

Availability and Price:

BH cosmetics ships worldwide and this can also be purchased through different face book pages.
It cost $19
P.S: Keep a check on BH’s sale deals, as they come often ;) 

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