Friday, July 15, 2016

NARS Limited Edition Blush- ORGASM

If someone ask me what are my 3 beauty essentials that I can never live without, my answer always its 1) Mascara 2) Blush on 3) Lipstick. All these essentials and  I can survive a day outside with friends and family. In this post I will be reviewing my newest addition in blush family that is one of its kind. Please keep on reading to know my reviews and experience with NARS ORGASM Blush.

I had been skeptical about NARS ORGASM for the past 3 years? YES you heard that right!!!. The price tag always made me wonder if it is a worth purchasing or not. But the moment I saw it in a Brand new Limited Edition packaging I broke through and with fingers crossed, went for it.

As on their site:

More Blush-More Rush!

Introducing Nars Biggest Orgasm yet- an Out sized Limited Edition compact so irresistible. Its enough to make you blush.  Same iconic, universally flattering shade. New insatiable experience.
 • Nars special edition orgasm blush 3.04oz
 • Nars original orgasm blush 1.92oz

On the sephora website:

What it is: A soft, sheer, pressed powder Blush. 

What it does: NARS blush offers a translucent, natural shades, each with a subtle pink for a natural looking blush undertone to highlight the complexion. Designed to be worn alone or layer together for more depth, it provides a healthy glow that flatters any skin tone.

What else you need to know: Orgasm blush gives cheeks a perfect pinky-peach flush and subtly highlights with accents of golden shimmer. The perennially pleasing, universally flattering shade is a repeatedly a makeup artist and beauty editor favourite.  


The special edition blush comes in a same rubberized NARS compact. But it has NARS ORGASM imprinted on it which basically is the feature of this limited edition.

 Inside the mirror has the Hashtag #WhatmakesyouBlush imprinted on it. Actual blush is covered by a removable plastic film, which mimics the outer box features a beautiful young lady.

Now on the blush itself, On the Nars and Sephora website it is described as "peachy pink blush with golden shimmer" and I strongly agree with that. It is a warm peachy pink with loads of golden sheen running through it. Shimmer is very finely milled that it doesn't bothers me at all, in fact I kinda like it, as it subtly highlights the cheekbones at the same time.
Upfront closeup
Arm Swatch Indoor

Arm Swatch Outdoor

 Orgasm is their best seller due the fact that it suits a wide variety of skin tones. To be honest I don't have anything similar to this in my collection before. Lets talk about pigmentation, it is very pigmented and glides smoothly on cheeks too although it doesn't have creamy texture and requires few swipes to put product on brush. But if you want to build it more, the only thing that seems to get stronger is the golden sheen, which is a little annoying for me that all I wanted was to have naturally flushed cheeks. But the plus point is there is no fallout, Absolutely NOT!! And on my combination skin it last for well about 6-8 hours which is very decent. I am wearing it constantly the day I got it and loving every time I apply it. 

Overall I think it is pricey but the shade it self is beautiful. 

Price, Availability, Quantity:
I bought mine from Shopaholic for $39. And you get 3.04oz which is almost double the quantity of a regular NARS blush and you pay $9 more. 

 • Comes with a huge mirror. 
 • Zero fallout. 
 • Universally flattering shade.
 • Highlights the cheekbones as well. 

 • Hefty price tag. 
 • Not easily available.
 • Visible shimmer can bother someone.
 • Compacts get messy easily due to the texture of the outer material.
 • Not practical for travelling. 

Please do share in comments about your favourite blushes and wish list :)

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