Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is my favourite DIY staple?

"Apple cider vinegar, otherwise known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple must and has a pale to medium amber color Wikipedia"

I first learned about Apple cider vinegar from Huda Beauty's blog while searching for DIYs I suppose and trust me I got glued to her blog for days to follow and I did suggest it to almost everyone I know to check her blog. (If you want to read her blogposts on ACV Click here, DIYs from kitchen cabinet, Increase Hair Volume and many more). Apple Cider Vinegar seemed like a holy grail to me after reading all this and some further research, and let me tell you I am not disappointed.

Its been few years I have started using it and currently I have ran out of it (Must Purchase it On Next Grocery Shopping- Mental note) and I can't wait to restock it. I will be mentioning few things that I used it for.

1-Treating Acne:
Few properties that help are
  • Anti-Bacterial and Antiseptic properties help to kill bacteria that block pores and cause acne
  • Its alpha-hydroxyl acid rejuvenates the skin by exfoliating the dead skin cells.
  • It helps to restore the skin Ph. level by balancing acid-alkaline levels.
  • It works as astringent which means it dries out the pimple which helps to get of them faster.

I have a sensitive dry skin and I rarely get pimples but some of them do need extra attention. When I feel like a pimple is going to pop up the next day or there is redness/itching on my face which means I will get one tomorrow, what I do is I mix few drops of ACV in equivalent amount of water and apply directly on the spot. It do sting a little at first but that doesn't last for more than mere seconds. If I feel my skin is dried out from that spot after pimple is healed, I use scrub to get rid of it

2-Hair Mask:

Like Huda suggested, I used to pour a mug of water with few drops of ACV at the end and after few minutes wash it again pouring few more mugs of water. It does makes your hair soft and shiny. it helps to clear your scalp from excessive oils too. If you have lice problem you can treat it too with ACV, apply a diluted ACV on head and cover it with shower cap for half hour and wash it with regular shampoo later. It can be used in the same manner for people with dandruff issues.

3- Increase Metabolism/helps in digestion:

Although many people claim that it will reduce extra fat and makes you loss weight in weeks, no its not true. Abundance of one thing can never give you any required results, its always about "mix and match". I love to drink it in morning before breakfast, just mix one tea spoon in water and drink it. I do not like its smell btw (its CIDER Duh!! ) but I have heard Organic ACV does not have foul smell.
I feel light and active in days when I take this in morning as it helps in digestion and with continuous use you can reduced few pounds as it betters the metabolism function of your body, with right exercises and diet you can easily achieve your weight loss goal.

Other uses of ACV includes:
I will recommend everyone to include this in your pantry and take as much advantage of this natural staple as you can. It has been beneficial for me from years, it will help you too. It is easily available on super markets, I have been using American Gardens one but now I am planning to get BRAGG as its organic.

Please do tell me in comments if you have used it too for any cause or planning too.

With Love,