Friday, January 20, 2017

Packing Make Up for a Wedding.

Hello ladies how are you all doing. From quite few years I have been attending weddings only in Lahore and I pretty much did forget how to pack makeup essentials when going out to a distant wedding. Recently I went to wedding to a distant place (Near Azad Kashmir to be precise) and had to pack for all three days. After deciding clothes and shoes I had to decide what makeup essentials I am going to pack and DAMNNNNNN!!! how tough that was. So in today's post I will be listing down few things that I did and I skipped, to give you all a heads up on how to be ready to survive fiercely and beautifully.

1- Hair Products: First thing first pack your blow dryer, Straightner, Dry Shampoos (No you don't need to wash your hair daily in winter unless you packed them with hair firming sprays last day), Shampoos, Hair serums (I go for Argan Oil of Morocco, its a dry oil and makes your hair soft and frizz free without greasing them) and Combs and brushes you use. Hair pins and styling tools you will need.

2- Face Wash: Take the face wash you use on daily base and don't expect your host will have any, because even if they have chances are they might not suit you or they don't have any altogether (who knows). I did take a mild one but I now think that I should have taken the one with smalls beads tp clean pores and for soft scrubbing to remove any dryness.

3- Moisturizer: Pack your body lotion as you don't want to have itchy and flaky legs/arms right? And a non greasy/oily face moisturizer. It is also recommended to take a night cream (if you aren't afraid of heavy bags) to make your face hydrated for night so you can have soft skin in the morning, I didn't take any btw and I think I should have because my skin was so dry when I wasn't wearing makeup and not to mention I got dry patches too due to extreme cold weather there :(

4- Brushes and Primers: Start packing in the sequence in which you put your makeup. Pack the brushes first for all face and eyes need. Pack face primer and eyelid primer too to make that makeup last longer.

5- Foundations and Concealers: Now pack foundations and concealers according to your need. I will suggest you to not try a new thing on the main event, if you have purchased anything new for wedding, try using it week before for a day or two to see if it really works for you. I didn't take any color correcting palette but I will recommend taking one as pimples and rashes only appear on days you don't want them too (Duh!!)

6- Setting powders, Contouring palettes, Blush and Highlighter: You need to fix that foundation with a setting powder, then you need a contour palette and bronzer. Maximum two blush colors are enough to three days events. And one or two highlighter. I will suggest you to go for palettes that have two pans, either blush/bronzer or blush/highlighter, it not only saves space in bag but also the time to open separate products individually. I took everything separately btw.

7-Eyes and Lips: That was the most complex part for me honestly as I didn't know what to take and what looks I will be doing that day. I took Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye contour palette for matte shades and NAKED 2 for subtle shimmer shades, and 2 Colorpop single eye shadows for pop of golden or copper shadow. What I missed was colors, I forgot to take any colorful eye shadows (how dumb, right?) I will suggest you to take single shadows and put them in Z-palette, or any palette which has ALL the mattes, foiled, colors and transition shades.
Pack basic lip liners, one or two (dark pink/red and a natural pink). Lipsticks that will work with the look you are planning. I took Colorpop Lyin King, Love Life and a dark pink Medora lipstick, I missed nude/ browns or any lighter shade which I regretted later as my lip colors were kind of same three days.
Don't forget to pack your lip balm, eyeliner, mascara, eyelash curler, fake lashes (& glue) and eyebrow essentials (which ever you use).

8- Setting Sprays, Wet wipes and Perfumes: Set your makeup with makeup setting spray to make it last longer and don't forget to take your perfume. Keep wet wipes handy too to fix any makeup mishap that may happen and to take off makeup at day end.

9-Nail Polishes and Jewellery: If you are getting ready at home its ok, but if you have to travel I will suggest you to take one nail color that suits with all your dresses, I used a glittery Golden/ Dull golden nail polish and it worked out well with all my three events. Pack your jewellery keeping dresses in mind and keep it closer to your makeup bag so you don't forget putting it on (I did forget to, lol).

10- Miscellaneous: If it is a winter wedding don't forget to pack your inner garments, sweaters, shawls and socks for time you will spend at home.

So guys that how you will have a big bag ready for the wedding in the land far far away :p. Make sure to start getting ready atleast 2 hours before the specified time to save your self from frustration and hurry( which means more blunders). Keep the lipstick you applied and compressed setting powder in your clutch for touch ups after wedding food.

Have fun at the wedding and keep yourself hydrated and happy. :)

1-All images are from google.
2-I may or may not have missed something which you do in your routine so please forgive me.

With Love,